Report calls for community colleges to increase their support for female students

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Studies show that women are more likely than men to go to college, and often perform better once there. Yet despite women's educational gains, a new report suggests that colleges are not doing enough for them -- at least not at the community college level.

The new report, "Women in Community Colleges: Access to Success," was published last week by the American Association of University Women. Researchers note that females account for the majority of U.S. community college students, with more women attending community colleges than private or public four-year universities, but their completion rates are seen as poor.

"Nearly half of women entering community colleges do not earn a certificate, degree, or transfer to a four-year college long after they first enrolled," report co-author and AAUW senior researcher Dr. Andresse St. Rose said in a press conference, as reported by Diverse: Issues in Higher Education. "The low success rate of women at community colleges deserves our attention."

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