Regents President To Use $5.5 Million In Savings To Hire Faculty, Student Support Staff

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The president of the Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education announced Thursday that he plans to use $5.5 million in savings on central office personnel to hire 40 to 45 tenure-track faculty and staff members who will provide direct services to students.

Robert A. Kennedy presented the plan to the Board of Regents Thursday and the board approved the concept for the new positions at the state's 12 community colleges and four state universities.

"Through the streamlining and flattening of management and administrative positions at the newly consolidated Board of Regents office, we were able to realize $5.5 million in savings from the last fiscal year to this upcoming fiscal year, which will go back to the campuses," Kennedy said. "This funding will be allocated for tenure-track faculty and direct student service positions, such as counselors or advisers, which is a need I've heard on every single campus I've visited."

Michael Meotti, executive vice president of the Board of Regents, said the reorganization of higher education, proposed last year by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and approved by the legislature, was designed to consolidate central office staff and free up dollars to invest in resources and services for students.

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