Regents President Defends Closed Meetings On Tuition Set-Aside

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An Iowa Board of Regents committee tasked with eliminating $150 million in tuition-funded scholarships is meeting behind closed doors because it encourages the free exchange of ideas, board President Craig Lang said in a statement today.

Lang called the committee’s goal – to present in September a plan to phase out the practice of tuition set-aside — ambitious both in its goal and timeline.

“Given the magnitude of the Committee’s charge and the ambitious schedule, the Board believes the non-public nature of the meetings is an important element in facilitating the Committee’s work.  This encourages the free exchange of ideas and open discussion to ensure the very best results in meeting the Board’s stated goals in a timely manner,” Lang said.

Transparency exists in the process, Lang said. The board will discuss the committee’s recommendations at two public meetings. Also, comments from the public will be posted at its web page at

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