Reeher Launches New Advancement Layer in its Shared Management Platform for University Fundraising

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ST.  PAUL,  MINN.    –  Reeher  LLC,  developers  of  a  powerful  shared  management  platform   for  higher  education  fundraising,  has  unveiled  its  new  Advancement  Layer,  giving  advancement  leaders   a  laser-­‐sharp  view  of  program  performance.      

The  new,  360-­‐degree  view  of  fundraising  activities  –  including  detailed  operating  reports  and  interactive   charts  –  builds  upon  existing  Reeher  Platform  features  to  give  executives  a  comprehensive  view  of  their   annual  fund  and  major  giving  programs’  successes,  opportunities  and  development  activities,  powered   by  customized,  secure  daily  updates  from  donor  databases.      

“As  part  of  the  network  of  Platform  subscribers,  customers  give  us  direct  input  about  exactly  what  they   need  to  be  more  effective  advancement  leaders  in  the  face  of  significant  change  in  our  industry,”  said   Andrew  Reeher,  president  of  Reeher  LLC.  “With  our  new  Advancement  Layer,  the  Reeher  Platform   becomes  an  even  more  powerful  system  for  seeing  the  daily  progress  of  their  fundraising  efforts  and   helping  their  staff  identify  opportunities  for  improvement.  ”    

The  Advancement  Layer  features  two  main  sections,  the  Executive  Summary  and  Advancement   Operating  Report.  These  sections  have  the  same  user-­‐friendly  interface  as  the  rest  of  the  Platform  to   give  advancement  leaders  simplified  access  to  critical  information.  Each  viewport  allows  executives  a   detailed  view  of  key  measures  like  fiscal  year  comparison  by  donor  type,  school  of  graduation,  giving   level  and  more.    

“We  have  been  using  the  Reeher  Platform  for  a  few  months  and  have  integrated  its  capabilities  into  our   operating  routines,”  said  James  G.  Miller,  associate  vice  president  for  development  and  alumni  relations   at  Duquesne  University.  “The  advent  of  the  Advancement  Layer  provided  a  significant  enhancement  to   an  already  comprehensive  and  responsive  platform,  and  we  are  now  capable  of  generating  an   instantaneous  ‘30,000  foot’  perspective  of  our  year-­‐to-­‐date  results  compared  to  past  several  years’   performance,  with  just  a  few  simple  clicks  of  the  mouse.”      

The  Advancement  Layer  is  the  latest  in  a  series  of  high-­‐profile  updates  to  the  Reeher  Platform,  which   helps  advancement  leaders  at  colleges  and  universities  across  the  country  improve  fundraising.  Recent updates  include  the  Annual  Fund  Operating  Report  and  the  robust  Vista  Scorecard  and  Benchmarking,   with  additional  enhancements  delivered  to  all  subscribers  at  regular  intervals.        

The  Reeher  Platform  provides  rapid  access  to  the  insights  development  offices  need,  with  no   infrastructure  to  create  or  any  of  the  hassles  of  a  homegrown  fundraising  management  system.  Each   subscription  includes  a  set  of  predictive  model  scores  for  all  constituents  to  reveal  the  best  donor   prospects,  web-­‐based  tools  to  leverage  technology  for  better  results,  and  a  connection  to  a  powerful   peer  network  of  leaders  focused  on  improving  fundraising.  The  tools  are  built  for  all  levels  of   advancement  and  development,  from  executives  to  gift  officers,  managers,  annual  fund  directors  and   prospect  researchers.      

Visit­‐reeher-­‐platform  to  learn  more  about  the  Advancement  Layer  and  the  Reeher   Platform’s  shared  system  for  higher  education  fundraising  management.    


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