Reeher Expands Customer Base with California State University, Fresno

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ST.  PAUL,  MINN. –  Reeher  LLC,  developers  of  a  shared  management  platform  for  higher   education  fundraising,  is  pleased  to  announce  its  most  recent  customer  acquisition,  California  State   University,  Fresno.  Fresno  State  represents  the  latest  in  a  series  of  new  public  research  university   subscribers  to  the  Reeher  Platform,  the  company’s  shared  software  system  for  fundraising   management.      

The  Reeher  Platform  continues  to  grow  its  subscriber  base,  with  long-­‐term  customers  from  private   colleges  and  public  universities  of  all  sizes.  Fresno  State  joins  their  peers  at  public  university  customers   like  the  University  of  Cincinnati,  Temple  University,  the  University  of  Kentucky,  and  the  University  of   New  Hampshire.    

“We  are  thrilled  to  be  working  with  Fresno  State,  a  marquee  public  institution,  to  ensure  their  continued   success  in  reaching  donors  and  prospects,”  said  Andrew  Reeher,  president  of  Reeher  LLC.  “Public   universities  often  have  complex,  decentralized  fundraising  functions  that  can  benefit  from  a  common   management  system  like  the  Reeher  Platform,  and  we’re  looking  forward  to  working  with  Fresno  State   to  improve  accountability,  visibility  and  effectiveness  of  their  entire  advancement  team.”         

The  Reeher  Platform  provides  vice  presidents,  along  with  their  major  giving  and  annual  giving  staffs,  a   shared  system  to  improve  fundraising  results.  Each  Platform  subscription  includes  a  set  of  predictive   model  scores  for  all  constituents  to  reveal  the  best  donor  prospects,  web-­‐based  tools  to  leverage   technology  for  better  results,  and  a  connection  to  a  powerful  peer  network  of  leaders  focused  on   improving  fundraising.  The  tools  are  built  for  all  levels  of  advancement  and  development,  from   executives  to  gift  officers,  managers,  annual  fund  directors  and  prospect  research.    

“Like  many  public  universities,  we  needed  a  new  way  to  expand  our  prospect  pool  and  improve  our   reach  to  the  most  qualified  prospects,”  said  Kent  Clark,  associate  vice  president  for  development  at   Fresno  State.  “The  Reeher  Platform  is  a  proven  solution  that  will  give  our  team  a  simple,  yet  robust   analysis  of  our  opportunities  and  actions  in  development,  with  the  goal  of  completely  rebuilding  our   prospect  pools  across  the  institution  in  all  of  our  academic  units,  athletics  and  student  affairs.” Not  only  does  a  growing  customer  list  add  value  to  Reeher’s  peer  network  of  subscribers,  the  software-­‐ as-­‐a-­‐service  model  of  delivery  also  means  that  when  enhancements  to  the  web-­‐based  Platform  are   added,  they  are  available  to  all  users.  Recent  updates  include  the  Annual  Fund  Operating  Report  and  the   robust  Vista  Scorecard  and  Benchmarking,  with  additional  enhancements  delivered  to  all  subscribers  at   regular  intervals.    

Building  on  fundraising  success  at  elite  private  universities  like  Barnard  College,  Vassar  College,  Colorado   College,  Wellesley  College  and  Hamilton  College,  the  Reeher  Platform  continues  to  gain  momentum   among  public  research  institutions  such  as  Johns  Hopkins  University,  Duke  University  and  Tulane   University  because  of  its  flexibility,  shared  value  and  low  cost  of  ownership.  The  Platform  brings  higher   learning  institutions  improved  fundraising  outcomes  though  predictive  modeling,  customized  tools  and   exclusive  reports  that  can  generate  fast,  meaningful  results  in  as  little  as  eight  weeks.    

“As  the  business  and  purpose  of  higher  education  changes,  public  university  leadership  has  an  immense   opportunity  to  change  with  it,”  Reeher  said.  “We  are  proud  that  our  customers  like  Fresno  State  are   seizing  the  chance  to  tap  new  growth  opportunities,  and  we  are  pleased  to  partner  with  such  forward-­‐ thinking  institutions.”      

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Reeher  is  a  leading  developer  of  cutting-­‐edge  software  services  to  improve  the  efficiency  and   effectiveness  of  higher  education  fundraising  efforts.  Their  signature  Reeher  Platform  provides   university  development  leaders  at  institutions  of  all  sizes  with  tools  to  track  and  measure  effectiveness,   discover  new  opportunities,  engage  constituents  and  improve  ROI.  Based  in  St.  Paul,  Minn.,  Reeher   works  with  leading  universities  across  the  country  and  internationally,  including  Johns  Hopkins   University,  the  University  of  Kentucky,  Drexel  University,  Duke  University  and  more.  For  more   information,  please  visit,  call  651-­‐789-­‐1700  or  email    


California  State  University,  Fresno  is  one  of  the  23  campuses  of  the  California  State  University  system   and  serves  Central  California’s  diverse,  growing  population,  while  interacting  with  the  state,  nation  and   world.  Fresno  State,  with  an  enrollment  of  more  than  22,000  students,  is  a  minority-­‐serving  campus  and   a  federally  designated  Hispanic-­‐Serving  Institution,  reflecting  the  rich  diversity  of  the  region.  The   University  offers  62  undergraduate  degree  programs  and  45  master’s  degree  programs  in  the  liberal  arts   and  sciences  and  in  professional  disciplines  emphasizing  agriculture,  business,  engineering  and   technology,  health  and  human  services,  and  education.  Fresno  State  also  has  established  doctoral   programs  in  educational  leadership,  physical  therapy  and  nursing.  The  University  is  concluding  its  first   comprehensive  campaign  with  $200  million  in  private  support.