Rarely Seen Horned Frog Now Disappearing From Primary Tcu Logo

Ann McClure's picture

Beginning in the 2012-2013 academic year, the Horned Frog will not be in TCU's primary logo anymore. Instead, an arched TCU will become the primary logo, while the Horned Frog will become the secondary logo.

Football fans shouldn't worry about the change. Associate A.D. for External Operations Scott Kull said the frog will stay on the football helmet since it is a part of the design.

"We're not doing away with the old frog altogether, but what we wanted to do was to have a clear distinction between our primary mark and our secondary mark," Kull said. "So our primary mark will be the arched TCU and then our secondary mark will be the frog."

Kull said the decision was made by the TCU athletics department and Nike . Earlier this year Nike unveiled the new football uniforms as well.

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