Rapid Insight Launches Business Intelligence Collaborative Cloud

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Rapid Insight Inc. today announced the release of the Collaborative Cloud for users of its award winning Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytic Software. With the release of Veera Version 4.1, users can now share and collaborate on any analytic processes that they develop. Processes that are contributed to the Collaborative Cloud can be utilized, discussed, and enhanced by anyone in the Rapid Insight user community.

The launch will increase analytic efficiency amongst Veera users by allowing them to share resources and ideas in real time. “What excites me the most about the Collaborative Cloud is that it will help to harness the collective analytic wisdom of the Rapid Insight crowd.” said Scott Alessandro, Associate Director, Educational Services, MIT Sloan School of Management. “Instead of starting from scratch each time I approach a new analytic or data problem, I will be able to draw upon the knowledge of my peers."

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