Rapid Insight announces QuickStart for Banner for predictive analytics

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Rapid Insight, the leading provider of easy to use predictive analytics and data intelligence software, has created an add-on to its predictive analytics and data intelligence software that is focused on reducing the time to build predictive models. The QuickStart solution is delivered as a template for the Rapid Insight software suite for users of Ellucian’s Banner Student Information System (SIS).

The streamlined solution enables colleges and universities to quickly build and deploy predictive models to help predict enrollment, financial aid outlay and to help improve student retention. Using the information provided by these models, schools can put programs in place to enhance recruiting efforts, as well as assist high risk students and increase retention rates.

“We chose Rapid Insight because of the technology’s ease of use. QuickStart for Banner looks to make it even easier to build and implement predictive models by closing the loop between data access, predictive modeling, and model scoring. The strength is not only with increasing productivity but in its flexibility”, offered Jim Olick, Sr. Financial Aid System’s Analyst, Johnson & Wales University.

“With declining enrollments at colleges and universities, the cost associated with recruiting students and with losing students is having a greater impact than ever before,” noted Mike Laracy, President and CEO of Rapid Insight. “By providing a much needed jumpstart and bypassing the need to navigate through all of the data in student information systems, our QuickStart solutions are enabling users to develop models in days, as opposed to months or years.”

Rapid Insight has been an Ellucian Collaborative Partner since 2012.

About Rapid Insight Inc. 

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