Rally Draws 500 To State House To Protest In-State Tuition Action

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A news conference and rally organized by six state lawmakers drew some 500 people to the front of the State House Wednesday afternoon to protest Governor Chafee's support for in-state tuition and possible driver's permits for undocumented immigrants.

Some carried signs, some carried flags and a few even came with black carnations -- originally intended as a countermeasure to an earlier event on Wednesday in which children brought roses to the governor's office to thank him for his immigration policies.

The event was spearheaded by state Rep. Doreen M. Costa, R-North Kingstown, who said she knew after last week's vote by the Board of Governors for Higher Education to approve in-state tuition for undocumented students that something had to be done.

WPRO morning talk show host John DePetro acted as emcee and drew cheers as he lambasted Chafee, saying he is "not allowed to circumvent the law, "is not the king of Rhode Island" and should be fired for his actions.

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