QEVLAR Quiz App, is this the answer to interactive training for medical imaging students?

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Is QEVLAR Quiz App the answer to interactive learning for medical imaging residents?

In 2013, there is no doubt that tablets, iPads and mobile devices are just part of every students' must have when moving into higher education. Residents today are the e-generation born with the internet,  and to whom cross platform and device synchronization holds no secrets.

However, truly interactive learning material is still lacking on the market. Some publishers brought out web-based material, most are still on paper versions.

IMAIOS - a cutting edge medical imaging e-learning company - is taking it to the next level by bringing out QEVLAR, the first cross platform quiz app for residents to learn, test and assess their medical imaging diagnostic skills.

QEVLAR quiz app, is fun, interactive, engaging, and it fits around residents way of life.

Now, students will no longer need to stay in front of their personal computers or in the library after hours.

They can start a QEVLAR quiz session at the campus on their personal computer, and finish their session on their mobile device on their way home.

QEVLAR quiz app is intuitive, and cross platform (web, mobile, tablets). QEVLAR Quiz App is free and you can try it out today with the Demo Radiology Question Bundle. http://www.imaios.com/en/QEVLAR-Quiz

On August, 19th, Radcore Question Bundle for QEVLAR will be available with over 1000 questions on core competencies including physics (Mobile apps will soon follow in September).

Radcore Question Bundle  has been developed in collaboration with Harlan B. Harvey, MD, JD and Rahul A. Sheth, MD of Massachusetts General Hospital.

IMAIOS has plans to rapidly bring out more Question Bundles to populate their QEVLAR Store in order to cover a wide range of specialty areas.

With QEVLAR quiz app IMAIOS will accompany residents on their journey to become competent radiologists from year 1 to graduation.

IMAIOS CEO, Denis Hoa says:

"I wish someone had thought of  QEVLAR quiz app when I needed to practice my exams as a radiology resident. And this is just how we got the idea of developing it. Learning on  QEVLAR in fun and addictive!"

Background: www.imaios.com

IMAIOS is the brainchild of two young French radiologists, Denis Hoa and Antoine Micheau. During their radiology residency, they set themselves to bridge the gap between the teaching material, end-user technology and student communication habits.

Starting as being residents at a hospital and dreaming of a truly interactive tool to learn with, their idea transformed itself in just under 5 years into a worldwide leading educational e-learning business. It is now used by a large share of medical imaging diagnostics students and experts.

Denis Hoa and Antoine Micheau now head one of the most innovative companies on the market.