Putting Together The Pieces Of Higher Education

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Say this for the higher education restructuring process, which moved forward Friday morning with the start of testimony before the House Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee:

Like the Lego Death Star kit, there are a lot of pieces to work with. The trick is to find the way to put them together.

Currently, there is the chancellor's office and the Board of Higher Education, overseeing the universities. (The state Board of Education oversees community colleges.) There is now the Higher Education Coordinating Committee, created to oversee both universities and community colleges, which connects to the Oregon Education Investment Board, overseeing all Oregon education, and the governor's proposed Department of Post-Secondary Education. This year, the Legislature will set up institutional boards of trustees. The arrangement is eagerly sought by the University of Oregon and Portland State and probably accepted by Oregon State, but not by the three regional universities and Oregon Institute of Technology, which will require some other form of oversight.

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