Push is on for more college job data

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Mackenzie Hawk wanted a degree that would help her find a steady job after she graduated from Iowa State University. She decided on finance.

“My main focus was to find employment out of college,” said Hawk, 23, who works at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. “I felt finance was a good fit for my skills, and I was hoping that there would be jobs available.”

Hawk picked well. ISU finance majors in 2011-12 had a 91 percent placement rate, meaning they either are working or have returned to school. The job placement rate for other majors is far lower. For instance, 60 percent of University of Iowa geoscience majors that year had not found work or gone back to school months after graduation.

Iowa colleges don't provide enough information about their graduates’ salaries and jobs for families to make an informed choice when hunting for schools and deciding on majors, according to interviews with experts and a Des Moines Register review of the data schools provide.

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