Purdue's Pick Of Mitch Daniels Costs $1 Million Gift

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A former Purdue University dean has reversed plans for a $1 million gift to the university over the decision to hire Gov. Mitch Daniels as the next president.

Marilyn Haring, dean of the College of Education from 1991 to 2001, said she was so troubled by Daniels lack of academic background and his policy decisions related to labor and education funding, she decided to remove a bequest in her will for the university.

“I regard the appointment of Mr. Daniels as a travesty and insult to academics,” she wrote in an email Thursday to the Purdue Board of Trustees and university officials. “Further, in his political career, Mr. Daniels has taken stands that are counter to all that I believe in, such as support for public education, equity and unions to protect and further the well-being of those who labor.”

Haring said the $1 million was planned for the College of Education. The bequest was established in 2007 when she left the university. Haring had not told Purdue of the planned gift.

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