Purdue Names Interim President Until Daniels Takes Over

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Tim Sands has taken the reigns of Purdue University.

The provost was voted in unanimously by the board of trustees Friday as acting president for the university system through January, when Gov. Mitch Daniels will become the 12th president.

Daniels, who was named president last month after a 10-month search, is finishing his second term as governor. France Córdova ended her tenure as president on Sunday.

“It is a challenge, but we have spent a number of years building up that momentum, and we are going to keep it,” Sands said. “But the idea is we don’t want to lose the potential that we have generated. We want to be ready. We have this grace period, a six-month period, which is perfect. Normally, you don’t have that kind of transition, usually it is an abrupt one. This is an opportunity for Mitch Daniels to learn about the university, to do a deep dive.”

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