Protesters Disrupt University of California Regents, But Peaceful Mood Rules

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Shouting protesters interrupted the University of California regents' meeting on Monday, but the mood was generally peaceful as students criticized officials' response to the use of police force and implored regents to back raising taxes on the wealthy to fund higher education.

Officials and members of the public were connected by teleconference from four UC campuses โ€“ in Davis, San Francisco, Merced and Los Angeles. After more than an hour and a half of public comment, regents began to move on with their agenda when they were interrupted by protesters in multiple locations.

Regents were discussing UC's 2012-13 budget request to the state when about a dozen protesters at UC Davis rose to their feet and, shouting in unison, declared the need for a "people's regents meeting." They moved from their chairs in the audience to the area in front of the dais, where they formed a circle and began their own discussion.

There was no response by campus police โ€“ who were stationed outside the meeting room in very small numbers โ€“ and Chancellor Linda Katehi briefly joined the group in the circle.

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