Prospect of bigger classes not sitting well with University of Southern Maine faculty

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The national average faculty-to-student ratio for public four-year institutions of higher learning is 1-to-15. But planned budget cuts would raise that ratio at the University of Southern Maine to a level that outstrips the average for public universities in every state.

The budget cuts at USM call for raising the faculty-to-student ratio from its current 1-to-15 to 1-to-23. The average ratio for Maine’s public universities now is 1-to-15, according to 2011-12 data from the National Center for Education Statistics, which collects and analyzes data for the U.S. Department of Education. Florida’s four-year public institutions had the highest average faculty-to-student ratio of all states, at 1-to-22. The lowest were the District of Columbia, Wyoming and Colorado, which had averages of 1-to-10.

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