ProProfs survey software launches Themes & Survey library

Lauren Williams's picture has launched a new release of its popular Survey Softwarewith features designed to give users a delightful experience and greater flexibility while creating surveys. The three major features in this release include custom themes, support for new question types and a library of ready to use survey templates. The custom themes feature is useful for building a branded survey that match a website or blog design. New question types such as ranking type question help in understanding customer preferences ranked over a list of answer choices. Along with these, ProProfs has also made it possible to create surveys using an existing library of ready to survey for common topics such as custom survey, product feedback, student surveys and many more.

“Our survey software supports powerful features such as a new ranking question type, which helps marketers understand their respondents’ preferences better and new survey themes for creating branded surveys”, said ProProfs CEO Sameer Bhatia. “Plus, our software provides pre-made survey templates which save users hours of hunting for survey questions”

New ProProfs Survey Maker offers all users:

Custom themes improve visual experience:

There are a lot of ways a survey can visually connect with respondents. With ProProfs new survey themes feature, users can create custom surveys, which are visually appealing. This feature can be used to customize look & feel factors such as colors, logo, background image etc, to create visually appealing surveys that build brand recognition. ProProfs also makes it possible to customize everything including a survey button to suit a brand’s color scheme.

New question types for understanding customers better:

Understanding the customer’s mind is the primary purpose of any survey. ProProfs Survey Maker allows users to create scored surveys, which can be used to understand customers’ preferences better. This feature is custom made for marketers who wish to understand customers’ preferences of a product in terms of any particular attribute. For example, when it comes to fuel efficiency, marketers can understand the automobile choices of their customer in their order of preference by creating a net promoter survey.

Ready to use library of survey templates:

Creating questions for a survey can be time consuming at times. ProProfs pre-made survey template helps users quickly select from a ready to use library of surveys. Users can select from a large library of ready to use surveys and customize as needed. This offers a huge time saving against creating survey from scratch.

ProProfs Survey Softwareis a comprehensive tool for all survey needs for business or education.

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