Professors Urge UI Trustees to Fire Hogan Quickly

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President Michael Hogan should be terminated as quickly as possible, or the board of trustees risks losing its ability to govern the University of Illinois, top faculty said Thursday.

In a letter delivered to trustees, more than 100 distinguished professors from the Urbana campus urged the board to fire the university president, following recent reports about former chief of staff Lisa Troyer’s claims that she continued working after resigning from her position.

All university stakeholders would be served by “rapid and decisive termination,” the letter said.

“A board that does not act when there is a president who is so ethically and reputationally compromised as to be unable to function is one that is, in truth, itself unable to effectively govern the institution it stewards,” the letter stated.

UI spokesman Tom Hardy said he had not seen the letter and had no immediate response.

Faculty delivered the letter to trustees at a regularly scheduled board meeting on campus. Trustees did not discuss Hogan’s future publicly, but did spend over an hour behind closed doors in the morning and again during the lunch hour to discuss personnel-related matters.

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