President Touts Indiana Univ.'s Value

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While publicly funded colleges are coming under greater pressure from legislators to slow tuition increases, Indiana University's value to the state shouldn't be measured strictly in dollars and cents, IU President Michael McRobbie said Tuesday.

"The contributions to the state of our professional schools is immense and far-reaching," McRobbie said in his annual State of the University address. "Our clinical schools . . . provide a substantial number of the health professionals in their fields. . . . Our schools of law have trained some of our state's and this nation's finest lawyers."

To that end, McRobbie exhorted state lawmakers to consider higher education from a broader view than just a "narrow financial perspective." He said state funding to IU has been cut nearly $100 million since 2008.

"Consider that for the current budget year, about 18 percent of our funding will come from the state of Indiana, compared to about 50 percent two decades ago," McRobbie said of the university's $3 billion budget for 2011-12.

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