President, No. 2 Official, At Bishop State Have Doctorates From Unaccredited Schools

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Throughout his career with Alabama’s two-year college system, James Lowe has been a fix-it man, sent to turn around troubled institutions, including Bishop State in Mobile.

Lowe, who became Bishop State president in 2008, is now dealing with questions about his own academic credentials. His résumé lists a doctorate from San Francisco Technical University, a non-accredited school with a website that no longer is active.

Bishop’s dean of instructional services, Latitia McCane — who served on the Project Phoenix Team charged with preserving the school’s accreditation — also has been a focus of questions because of her doctorate from Lacrosse University.

Neither San Francisco Tech nor Lacrosse — both online schools — have ever had a seal of approval from the U.S. Department of Education.

“We just don’t see where either San Francisco Technical University or Lacrosse University have been or are accredited by a recognized accrediting agency,” said Tim Willard, a spokesman for the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

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