President’s Severance From Roxbury College Bars Criticism

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In the waning hours of his presidency Monday, outgoing Roxbury Community College president Terrence Gomes signed a sweeping resignation agreement that prohibits him, the college’s board, and their successors from speaking negatively about “each other, their officers, agents, or attorneys, in any manner whatsoever.’’

The agreement also includes a clause stating that its terms are to be kept confidential to almost all parties except “as may be required by law.’’

Under the Roxbury Community College deal, obtained Tuesday by the Globe through a public records request, Gomes will receive $98,374.25 by the end of July, as well as payment for unused vacation days and sick leave. He has been a state employee for four decades, so the latter payment is expected to be substantial.

Confidentiality and nondisparagement clauses are common in the private sector but can be controversial when used by state agencies, because they can be perceived as hush agreements, especially when employees receive large sums in return.

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