Post-Sandy relief efforts point to state colleges’ higher calling

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Recently we spoke with a group of professionals from across the nation about the diverse efforts by New Jersey state colleges and universities to aid local communities in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.

There was not enough time during our session to describe all that each of these institutions has been doing. We gave only a few brief examples.

Help from New Jersey colleges and universities came in the form of emergency assistance, shelter and relief soon after the storm passed through. Later came clean-up of public and private lands and structures came later. Longer-term efforts include community needs assessments and preservation of Jersey Shore history and memories. Technical assistance was offered to help towns rebuild in ways that will be more resilient to storm and water damage; New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) was exemplary in this regard.

All of the state’s four-year public institutions were involved in similar efforts, as were the county colleges and the independent colleges and universities.

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