Polycom Unveils World’s First Integrated Whiteboard Solution Designed to Improve Collaboration and Teamwork in Video Meetings

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Polycom, Inc., the global leader in standards-based unified communications (UC), today unveiled an innovative whiteboard solution, the Polycom® UC Board™, which improves communication and collaboration in video conferences by instantly sharing content written on the whiteboard to all screens and mobile devices that are connected to the video meeting.

Whiteboards are an important collaboration tool, but when a whiteboard is used in a video conference, it’s a common problem that remote participants have trouble seeing the whiteboard content, which undermines teamwork and participation. The Polycom UC Board is a simple, elegant and cost-effective solution combining a plug-and-play receiver and stylus for ease-of-use, and a compact design for portability with the power to transform whiteboard or LCD monitors into an interactive video whiteboard space so every participant can stay fully engaged. The Polycom UC Board software natively integrates with the latest Polycom® HDX® solutions to share content naturally, efficiently, and above all, easily. Users participating in a video meeting can also share content such as a presentation, and use the UC Board to write, annotate or highlight key points, right on top of the shared content, for everyone to see in real- time.

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