Poll Reveals Two Thirds of Colleges and Universities Do Not Have a Lifetime Engagement Strategy

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A poll conducted by Campus Management Corp., a provider of enterprise software products and services for educational institutions, found that nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of colleges and universities do not have lifetime engagement strategies in place to support effective communications throughout the student lifecycle – applicant, student, alumni.

Although a third (36 percent) of respondents indicated that departments or campuses independently communicate with their constituents, creating major issues across their institutions, two-thirds (64.5 percent) of respondents indicated that various offices and departments would be likely to share student, alumni and donor information with each other.

Of those respondents whose university doesn’t have a lifetime engagement strategy, a majority (85 percent) recognize its importance and have indicated that they are interested in developing a strategy.  Fourteen percent indicated their university has a strategy in place that is being implemented and 21 percent are in the process of developing a strategy.

“Campus Management believes lifetime engagement is no longer a next generation strategy, but rather, a current communications strategy. It is incumbent upon institutions to begin looking at the complete student lifecycle and how each department, campus and university system can to work together to ensure that each student receives the right messages at the right time; to keep them engaged throughout their academic career through alumni status,” said Tim Gilbert, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Campus Management.

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