Politicians: Ignore the millennial student loan crisis at your own risk

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Though politicians fall all over themselves when it comes to voters in my age bracket and even older (that's almost impossible to comprehend), a new survey by Harvard's Institute of Politics shows a growing class of discontented, registered voters who agree that there is one major issue among them regardless of party affiliation: that class is millennials, and that issue is student loan debt.

Despite being ignored by many politicians (unless it's for a photo op), fully 68 percent of the 18- to 29-year-olds surveyed are already registered to vote. Their approval of President Obama is near an all-time low, their approval ratings of Congressional Democrats and Republicans is close to zero and almost half of them (49 percent) think this country is headed in the wrong direction. A majority of them would recall the entire Congress -- and 45 percent of them would recall their own representatives.

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