Plustek Announces nDVR540 Surveillance Solution

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Plustek Technology Inc., a manufacturer of consumer, prosumer and professional imaging devices, announced today the launch of its new nDVR 540, a digital video recorder surveillance system designed for use with existing CCTV cameras.

“This 24/7 surveillance tool can ensure the safety and security of stores, gas stations, small businesses, hotels, offices, etc.,” said Mark Druziak, Plustek’s director of marketing and business development.  “Because it easily integrates with existing CCTV cameras, there is no need for re-cabling, cable splicing or camera recalibration - simply attach the cameras BNC connector to the Plustek nDVR.” 

The nDVR 540 supports four channel CCTV cameras and because of its H.264 compression, it offers real-time recording and display.  The intelligent streaming provides excellent preview and advanced alarm notifications. Plustek’s nDVR 540 can be managed by multiple people from remote online locations and from most mobile devices including the Android, iPhone and iPad.

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