Plattform launches new enrollment management offerings

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PlattForm, the leading full-service marketing solutions provider to colleges and universities worldwide, is celebrating its 25th anniversary with the launch of new enrollment and program management solutions, Attribrand and Academic Program Management (APM).

"There is a perfect storm on the horizon for America's colleges and universities," said Steve Fireng, CEO of PlattForm. "Enrollment has peaked, tuition continues to rise and students are questioning the value of education. Attribrand™ and APM will help colleges and universities meet these challenges."

PlattForm's new solutions were developed to help institutions enhance the enrollment process and optimize their marketing budgets while also improving graduation rates and student success.

Attribrand is a fully integrated marketing approach that combines market research with channel-agnostic messaging, media strategies and robust analytics to better optimize schools' marketing strategies and spends.

"Today's student enrollment journey is more complex than ever before. Students often research a variety of institutions across multiple media channels and devices before taking action," Fireng said. "Because of this complexity, colleges and universities often have minimal insight into the prospective student search process. Attribrand helps higher education leaders understand the entire journey to a prospect's final enrollment decision and develops effective marketing strategies based on those factors."

Attribrand will provide a way for colleges and universities to develop and distribute consistent and compelling messages across all platforms, including digital, broadcast, print and mobile, to move prospective students from discovery to inquiry and through the enrollment process to graduation.

Academic Program Managementis PlattForm's new tuition-sharing partnership with higher education institutions that provides holistic program support for the entire student life cycle, from enrollment management and retention, through graduation and career planning.

"Many schools have utilized online program management solutions," Fireng said. "While online programs are essential to growth, ground and hybrid growth are just as important to a school's success. Our new solution focuses on supporting the institutional program growth, whether it's online or on-ground."

PlattForm will partner with colleges and universities to ensure successful student outcomes for undergraduate, graduate and adult continuing education programs regardless of whether the student attends on-campus, online or via a hybrid structure.

APMis launching in the United States, Canada, the U.K. and Australia markets.

About PlattForm

Since 1989, PlattForm ( has set the standard of excellence in providing marketing services and enrollment solutions for colleges and universities worldwide. The firm, headquartered in suburban Kansas City, boasts an internal staff of more than 550 industry experts. As thought leaders in postsecondary education, PlattForm has helped more than 4,000 colleges and universities improve the lives of millions of individuals. Specialties include creative services, search engine marketing, interactive inquiry generation, mobile marketing, traditional media placement and data analytics. PlattForm is a portfolio company of Sterling Partners, a Chicago-based, growth-oriented investment firm with more than $5 billion in assets under management. A global company, PlattForm has offices in Kansas City, the United Kingdom and Australia.

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