PipelineFX Releases Qube! MobileView App

Ann McClure's picture

No one likes leaving work, only to get dragged back in by a pressing assignment. Today, PipelineFX will break that cycle for render farm supervisors with the release of Qube! MobileViewTMa new app that can manage and monitor a full rendering workload from anywhere there is mobile or web-based reception.

Effective immediately, Qube! MobileView’s secure user interface (UI) is simple in form, and powerful in practice. It allows users to easily control the rendering tasks that are most common to a supervisor’s routine, eliminating the need to stay locked to a single location. If the ability to re-try failed frames, monitor the progress of your queue, or kill jobs isn’t enough; Qube! MobileView’s Python scripting functionality can be used to create customized functions that can be tailored to fit your firm’s workflow.

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