PipelineFX’s Render Management Solution Prepares LMU Students for Real World Studio Life

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Jobs are hard for anyone to find right now, let alone grads looking to break into desirable markets like animation. To get hired, candidates must show both serious talent and applied experience with professional tools in a team-driven workflow. Students at Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film and Television are no strangers to this challenge. But for awhile, their intentions to meet it head on were held back by their school’s limited and inefficient rendering pipeline. That changed the day they installed PipelineFX Qube!

In the professional world, Qube! is the preferred render farm management solution for leading visual effects houses like Digital Domain Media Group, Arc Productions, Method Studios, and Image-Engine. These studios use it to ensure that their rendering pipelines run smoothly, even under the strain of production demands. The new hires these organizations take on will also be working with Qube! as it helps them maximize their creative output and hit key deadlines. The very things that LMU students were having trouble doing.

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