A Pioneering New Approach To The Teaching Of Structural Engineering!

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Designed by Armfield’s team of engineers and with Dr David Brohn, as technical collaborator, Armfield’s new ST10 will shape the way students learn the basic principles of Structural Engineering. The system is completely unique in the way it brings hardware and real time computer graphics together to enhance and clarify the learning experience.

The system features a range of precision-milled support elements and joints that are used to model complex structures on a grid attached to a 32" display. The structures are easy to assemble and can be pushed by hand, showing how the structure will react to different forces being applied. The carbon fibre elements create an exaggerated response and the model will bend and move enabling a visual analysis. When combined with the software, this same model can be used to show the bending moments, sheer, deflection and reactions of the structure on the screen behind the model. Using this method students gain a fantastic understanding of how structures behave under different forces.

The Armfield ST11 Instrumentation package adds a range of actuator and sensors to the system enabling enhanced control over the forces and the analysis. The accessories are attached to the software via a USB cable and can be controlled using the computer. The user is able to define the size, thickness, strength of the elements in the model and the actuators and sensors can deliver exact forces and provide accurate data for analysis.

Armfield are extremely proud of this amazing teaching device and expect it to be very popular in universities, and higher education establishments. The ease of use also makes this amazing package a perfect choice for schools and colleges. To learn more visit http://www.discoverarmfield.co.uk/data/st/