Personal Info Of Faculty At U of Rhode Island Compromised

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The personal information of more than 1,000 current and former faculty members and a small number of ex-students at the University of Rhode Island was accessed by individuals outside the institution after being posted on a publicly shared computer server, officials said Monday.

The university said the information — including names, birth dates and Social Security numbers — appeared on a College of Business Administration server. Officials immediately shut the server down when they learned of the breach on July 31, the university said.

Most of the data was on current and former faculty, but the server also contained information on about two dozen former URI students and 80 students from an out-of-state school that officials didn't identify. The university is working with the attorney general's office there to notify the students.

According to URI, the information was put on a server used by faculty members to upload and share course information; the server was not intended to be used for storing personal sensitive information.

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