Performance Of Chancellor For Alabama's Two-Year Colleges Freida Hill Polarizes Board Of Education

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The Alabama Board of Education will discuss two-year college Chancellor Freida Hill's future at an upcoming meeting after an evaluation showed the board is sharply divided over her performance.

Of the nine board members, four -- Ella Bell, Stephanie Bell, Betty Peters and Dr. Charles Elliott -- gave Hill many low marks on an evaluation that rates her in dozens of categories grouped into four sections: goals, personal qualities, performance and key job responsibilities, and relations with the public. In addition, board members rated Hill on their personal experiences with her.

Members' criticisms of Hill include a lack of communication with the board, a fractured relationship with K-12 education, a poor relationship with the media and low morale in the two-year system.

Of the remaining board members, three -- Gov. Robert Bentley, Randy McKinney and Mary Scott Hunter -- gave Hill overwhelmingly high ratings, while Yvette Richardson's and Gary Warren's appraisals were mixed.

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