Penn State University-Wide Site License of Doceri From SP Controls Means Instructors Are No Longer Tethered to the Podium

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Penn State's Instructional Technology Services has adopted a 1,000-seat, university-wide Doceri Desktop education site license for use by its faculty. The Doceri software suite from SP Controls provides mobile, remote control of classroom podium computers as well as sophisticated whiteboard annotation and screencasting via an iPad.

After a successful pilot program that began last summer, Doceri Desktop is currently installed in 314 classrooms across 12 Penn State campuses, and is offered as a supported service to all Information Technology Services (ITS) managed classroom computers. Other campuses not managed through ITS may opt to purchase licenses at a discounted rate through the ITS purchasing department.

More than 40 instructors from a diverse range of instructional fields including chemistry, mathematics, engineering, English, theatre, nursing, and criminal justice took part in the Doceri pilot. Instructors are using the Doceri software suite in the classroom to access and remotely control presentations and other class materials on the podium computer. Many also use the Doceri iPad app to create flipped classroom screencast videos for inversed classroom instruction.

"We were looking for an affordable means by which instructors could access programs and annotate their presentations from a mobile device that worked with our existing network infrastructure," said Brian Young, instructional designer for Penn State ITS. "After evaluating a half a dozen options, Doceri was the only whiteboard annotation and remote desktop control software that gave us the confidence to pursue university-wide deployment."

Find more information and download a free trial of Doceri Desktop for Mac or PC at