Penn State Outraged At Paterno Memorial Tix On ebay

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More than 10,000 free tickets for Joe Paterno's memorial service on Thursday were distributed within minutes Wednesday because of the "overwhelming demand," Penn State officials said.

Tickets started to show up on eBay by midday, with a pair selling for $400 and another for $500. Yet another set had been bid up to $90,000, although that was not believed to be a serious offer. eBay removed the auctions from the site shortly thereafter.

Penn State president Rodney Erickson lashed out at those attempting to sell the tickets.

"I can't tell you how reprehensible I find those kinds of actions," Erickson said at today's Faculty Senate meeting. "We have tried to do everything within our power to stop that, but there are certain legal limitations on what we are allowed to do."

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