Penn State Links: Eastern Michigan University, Hillsdale Make List Of Top College Scandals

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Here are some links to some of the latest reports on the Penn State scandal that might be interest to Michigan residents — especially those in higher education who see Penn State as an object lesson in how college presidents protect their brand at their own peril.

Blogger Daniel de Vise has assembled a list of eight other memorable scandals that forced the ouster of college presidents. It includes the scandal at Eastern Michigan University, where administrators initially covered up the rape and murder of a Hastings student in her dorm room.

After Laura Dickinson's body was found, EMU put out a press release saying "there is no reason to suspect foul play." They changed their story two months later when another EMU student was arrested for her murder. De Vise's list of top college scandals also includes the resignation of Hillsdale College President George C. Roche III in 1999 after his daughter-in-law alleged they had had an affair for 19 years. The daughter-in-law, Lissa Roche, then committed suicide. [Washington Post]

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