Penn State installs RamSan-810 SSD appliance to save power, cooling, floor space and time

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Texas Memory Systems, Inc., provider of The World's Fastest Storage®, today announced that the Research Computing and Cyber-infrastructure group(RCC) at Penn State University has implemented a RamSan-810 SSD system to dramatically reduce its nightly backup times while improving IOPS performance and minimizing related power, cooling and floor space costs.

The RCC group at Penn State provides systems and services that are used extensively in research, teaching and service missions by more than 3,000 faculty members and students to perform computational research. The group was overprovisioning capacity of 200 15K RPM hard disk drives in an attempt to generate acceptable IOPS in order to complete backup operations during a brief overnight window so as to not impact production processes. With backups taking as long as six hours to complete and degrading other system operations, the team at RCC determined that a solid state storage solution was needed to effectively handle the necessary IOPS load and replace the HDDs.

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