Penn State’s focus must be on students, not scoreboards

Kylie Lacey's picture

Should Penn State be spending $10 million on a spiffy new Beaver Stadium scoreboard in the midst of costly NCAA sanctions and while continuing to raise tuition for its students?

We question the decision to install a new scoreboard, approved at last week’s board of trustees meetings, where we also learned that Penn State would appease the State College community by spending another $10 million to shift a controversial natural gas pipeline onto campus, while costs tied to the Jerry Sandusky abuse scandal reached nearly $47 million.

We wonder what the scoreboard decision says about the school’s priorities, despite the fact that $10 million is perhaps the equivalent of pocket change for a university that just approved a $4.42 billion 2013-14 budget. Of course, Penn State will borrow money from itself to pay for the project.

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