Penn St. Trustees Seek To Rebuild Communications

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Keith Masser was busy enough running his 4,600-acre potato farm before his schedule got even tighter the past couple months.

In January, he became the vice chairman of Penn State's Board of Trustees. He likened the time he's put into the leadership position to that of a second full-time job.

Masser and other board leaders are working to foster openness and ease tensions on a campus on the mend from the scandalous aftermath of child sex abuse charges against retired assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, who was arrested last fall. Eight of 10 boys he is accused of abusing were attacked on campus, prosecutors allege.

The trustees remain a target of criticism from vocal alumni watchdog groups angered by what critics have called the board's rash decision to fire longtime coach Joe Paterno, days after Sandusky was charged.

Masser hopes increased interactions with students, faculty and other university groups are helping repair the rift. Board leaders recently met with some of the groups as part of an ongoing listening tour.

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