Pearson Higher Education Announces Major Investment in Nursing Education with Readypoint™ Nursing

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Pearson Higher Education today announced a major investment in nursing education with the launch of Readypoint™ Nursing. Readypoint Nursing is the first program to fully integrate learning with assessment to help ensure students are prepared not only for professional licensure but to launch their careers and practice nursing.

“The shortage of qualified nurses in the U.S. directly impacts our future in terms of the health of our citizens and the economy. And there is no end in sight—the shortage is projected to grow to 260,000 by 2025,” said Tim Bozik, CEO of Pearson Higher Education. “Today, only 75 percent of the students who enroll in nursing programs make it to graduation, and the burnout rate for nurses is alarmingly high due to a gap in preparation for the realities and demands of actual nursing practice. Pearson is helping to tackle this problem head-on, working directly with nurse educators who are on the front lines to develop a strategy that addresses these pain points.”

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