Paychecks swell by up to 24 percent for Utah college presidents

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Paychecks for Utah’s eight public college presidents swelled by up to 24 percent Monday.

The salaries will continue to grow every year for the next four years, until they are near the middle of the pay scale for a group of similar institutions around the country, said Pam Silberman, spokeswoman for the Utah System of Higher Education.

The largest increase for 2013-14 will go to Utah Valley University President Matthew Holland, whose approximately $46,000 raise will bring his salary to about $241,000 a year. Utah State University President Stan Albrecht will see a 14 percent boost to just under $326,000, while Dixie State University President Stephen Nadauld will get a 20 percent increase to about $193,000 a year.

Those figures don’t include regular benefits or presidents’ additional perks, such as the use of a presidential residence or deferred compensation. Though many presidents are the highest-paid at their institutions, Silberman said they don’t compare well with other states.

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