Passage Of Prop. 30 In Calif. Hailed By Educators

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With the passage of Proposition 30, college students will be spared another round of tuition increases and younger students will avoid a shorter school year, results that were met with much jubilation Wednesday.

For public school districts, the measure's success was mostly about escaping another wave of severe budget cuts, including teacher layoffs, curtailed instructional time and larger classes. But for higher education, the measure is expected to reap immediate positive benefits.

California's community college system will restore thousands of classes, somewhat easing a huge backlog of students unable to complete their degrees. Cal State students can look forward to modest tuition refunds. And annual tuition spikes at the University of California are on hold for now.

Community colleges will receive about $210 million in additional funding and serve about 20,000 more students, new Chancellor Brice W. Harris said at a Wednesday media briefing.

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