Part-Time Instructors Forming Union At Kalamazoo Valley Community College

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Kalamazoo Valley Community College part-time and adjunct faculty members have formed a union and are hoping to have it certified by the state by the end of the month.

A group now titled the KVCC Federation of Teachers gathered about 200 signatures from the 312 KVCC part-time and adjunct instructing staff to be considered by the Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC), according to part-time instructor Dr. Catherine Barnard.

KVCC Vice President of Human Resources Sandra Bohnet said 134 full-time employees are covered by an agreement with the American Association of University Professors.

“Non-tenured faculty teaches more than 60 percent of the college courses offered each semester. As our numbers grow, exceeding those of tenured faculty by two to one, our vital role in the college’s welfare has become increasingly evident,” read a message on a website, signed by the KVCC-FT Organizing Committee consisting of Dr. Catherine Barnard, Nancy Beers, Ann Marie Boyle, Christopher Karbowski, Kyle Kelly, Laurie Nic, Edward O’Dowd, Kelly O’Leary, Dr. Nishani Samaraweera, Thomas Schurino and Jean Snow.

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