Parchment a Key Player in NCAA's Game Plan for Student-Athlete Development

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As March Madness heats up, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and Parchment Inc., the leading education credentials data pioneer, announce they have expanded their partnership to streamline the transcript exchange and verification process. The NCAA Eligibility Center, which certifies all prospective student-athletes at Division I and Division II colleges and universities, utilizes Docufide® by Parchment™ to quickly and securely verify student credentials.

The NCAA and Parchment expanded their partnership to drive student-athlete success for college progression and improve operational efficiency and administration. The expanded partnership also makes it possible for the NCAA Eligibility Center to switch from its current method of manually reviewing transcripts as scanned PDFs to Docufide’s transcript datafeed, which transfers documents to XML format. It’s a transition Gary deCastro, director of operations and performance management for the NCAA Eligibility Center, says is a game-changer.

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