Panel Split On College Local Rule in Ore.

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The team of lawmakers charged with figuring out how local university governing boards would work at Oregon’s public universities failed on Friday to reach consensus on several key issues: Who would be on a local governing board? When would such a board be formed? How would a board raise tuition? And what connections would remain between the university and the state?

“There are going to be gaps, and there’s still some work to be done once it gets into the hands of the Legislature as a whole,” said Rep. Mike Dembrow, D-Portland. “But we think we’ve created a framework here.”

Dembrow described the difficulty of reaching consensus during a joint session in Salem of the state Senate’s Education and Workforce Development Committee and the House Interim Committee on Higher Education.

Out of seven public universities in the state, the University of Oregon and Portland State University are seeking to form institutional boards to govern locally, instead of answering to the state Board of Higher Education.

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