Panasonic Unveils Ag-Hpx600, Industry’s Lightest Shoulder-Mount, Microp2 Media Series With Sd Card Form Factor: Both Support Avc-Ultra, Company’s Newest Video Compression Platform

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At a press conference here prior to the National Association of Broadcasters convention, Panasonic announced several new products, technology initiatives and technology alliances. Chief among these were the AG-HPX600 P2 HD camcorder  with10-bit, 4:2:2 AVC-Intra recording and the lowest weight of a shoulder-mount unit, and a new series of memory cards called microP2 card, which have an SD card form factor to further cost-efficiencies in media pricing.

Both the HPX600 and the microP2 card, will support Panasonic’s newest video compression platform, AVC-ULTRA.

Weighing less than 7 pounds and using low power, the HPX600 incorporates a newly-developed 2/3 type MOS sensor to produce beautiful HD and SD images. The HPX600 will allow the user to upgrade his camera as new functionality becomes available. This future-proof camera will provide inventive functionalityand improved workflows, with options such as wireless metadata input, proxy recording, and variable frame rates (available this Fall), and then AVC-ULTRA recording.

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