OU-C Says Ranking is Misleading

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Ohio University-Chillicothe officials say the school's inclusion on a list of the 11 universities with the worst graduation rates is misleading.

The list, published May 17 by economic news website The Fiscal Times, ranked OU-C at No. 10 with a 15.6 percent graduation rate. The rankings were based on 2010 data from the Chronicle of Higher Education that focused on students seeking bachelor's degrees who graduated within six years.

As noted in the story that accompanied the list, the data did not account for students who transferred to other schools.

Jack Jeffery, OU-C's communications coordinator, said it appears the Fiscal Times rankings applied to OU-C a formula that was designed for four-year universities.

"Under this formula, all students who earn associate (two-year) degrees are considered four-year dropouts," Jeffery said in an email. "Consequently, the formula does not take into account OU-C students who earn associate degrees, then enter the workforce, relocate to the Athens campus or transfer to another four-year institution to complete their bachelor's degree program."

If those students were factored into the calculation, Jeffery said, OU-C's graduation rate would be 59 percent, putting it close to on par with Ohio University's six-year graduation rate of 65.3 percent, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education's data.

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