Only Radical Thinking Will Make University Education Affordable

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This week, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education, Steven G. Poskanzer and David R. Anderson, the presidents of Carleton College and St. Olaf College talked "about how these two colleges could work together more closely in areas like the library, the colleges' technology infrastructure, human resources and payroll, and, ultimately, their academic programs." And they did it.

There was criticism that they could've done more... and it's still early. But while this collaboration occurred between smaller universities, isn't there an opportunity for all universities?

The motto of the modern day corporation, as Robert Logan and Louis Stokes wrote ten years ago was "Collaborate to Compete."

The basic idea is to determine your core competencies or strengths and leverage them while finding ways to cooperate with others -- to provide things that must be done but in which your organization has no special talent. The purpose is to make your organization more competitive in the marketplace.

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