Online College Revolution To Leave Empire Builders With Big Bills (Opinion)

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You might be wild about the coming revolution in higher education, might see it as a democratizing force that will transform the globe as it lift millions out of poverty for the price of a few dollars per student and a laptop computer.

But at least one state lawmaker says online education is revealing fatal problems in Oklahoma’s troubled higher-ed system — and will likely destroy it.

“The Harvards, the MITs, the Cals — this is one of those break-through years when they’re coming online with their new platforms,” said state Rep. Jason Murphey, R-Guthrie. “This is the new model. Eventually this is going to pop the bubble that is higher ed. It’s our job as policymakers to understand that. Location will no longer matter.”

Murphy and others point to a number of problems in the state’s higher-education system. Uncorrected, they say, the system will fall to more efficient learning providers.

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