Omaha ranked one of top cities for new college grads

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Recent college graduates should consider Omaha as one of the top 10 cities to ply their trade, according to a recent study compiled by MSNBC.

The news outlet's report uses information from several sources including, the U.S. Department of Labor, the American Community Survey, Forbes, and

The report looked at which cities are actually creating jobs, which cities are relatively affordable on a post-college budget, and which cities have a vibrant population of 20-somethings for graduates fresh out of college.

"The average debt package for the Class of 2013 clocks in at just over $35K," Michaela Gianott said in the report's introduction. "Pair that with the fact that nearly half of recent graduates are underemployed, and you've got yourself a reason to soak in your bathtub all day, vowing to stay inside until all this crap is magically over. While it's no shocker that things are rough out there for recent grads, there are cities that provide more opportunities for young professionals than others."

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