Old Dominion U Approves Campus Gun Ban, Including Concealed Permits

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Old Dominion University's Board of Visitors approved a regulation this morning that prohibits everyone except law enforcement officers from bringing a gun to campus buildings or events. The regulation also applies to those with concealed-carry permits.

The board considered the regulation in response to a non-binding opinion in July by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli that the university’s existing policy barring those with concealed-carry permits from bringing a firearm on campus is not enforceable.

ODU and most other Virginia state colleges and universities have for years had policies that banned firearms. Such policies can be enforced on students, employees, contractors and anyone with a ticket to a campus event.

But visitors to campus who have no affiliation to the school and are not holding an event ticket are free to carry a firearm if they have the proper concealed-weapon permit, according to Cuccinelli’s opinion. If universities want to enforce a complete ban – other than for law enforcement officers – they must have a regulation approved by their governing boards because such regulations have the force of law, Cuccinelli said.

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